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CV FREQS is a series of events to allow the modular synth community to flourish, creating a platform for musicians and engineers to come together and network and to allow people to learn more about eachother's systems.  CV FREQS was founded by Eden Grey in 2013 in Portland, Oregon during her professional graduate internship with 4MS Company for her Masters' degree in Music Technology.


Eden Grey began the CV FREQS events out of an interest to learn more about these fascinating instruments from seeing how others approach building and patching their custom Eurorack systems. Eden continued organizing CV FREQS events in London for her PhD research from 2016-2019. In this time period, she organized 12 events at several different venues across London. 

The CV FREQS events are currently happening in Columbus, Ohio and are co-hosted by Craig Clifford, M.D.


CV Freqs Events

CV FREQS XVI Modular Meet & Concert 

December 4, 2021

3 PM - 10 PM


This will be the fourth CV FREQS Columbus modular meet, open to all, newbies and experienced wigglers.

We play our custom synthesizers and talk about them, sharing ideas all day. Set up from 2:30, open to the public at 3 PM. All are encouraged to bring your rig with speakers or headphones to share your music and sounds. There is plenty of table space for all to set up on during the meet, and performances will be starting at 6:30 PM.

831 S Front Street

Columbus, Ohio 43206

Module Build Soldering Workshop

November 20, 2021

Starting at 3:30 PM, no set end time.

We will be building eurorack module kits, no soldering iron or experience necessary. All you have to bring is yourself and your brain ready to focus on the build.