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Welcome to the CV FREQS Homepage!

CV FREQS, founded in 2013, is a series of events to allow the modular synth community to flourish, creating a platform for musicians and engineers to come together and network.

Organized by Eden Grey, Ph.D. and Craig Clifford, M.D., we are in the process of designing the first CV FREQS modules and launching a record label to feature artists who have performed at CV FREQS events.


We are currently putting together the first artist compilation featuring musicians who have performed throughout the 2016-2019 era.


These artists include: Nagasaki45, Ned Rush, Finlay Shakespeare, Loula Yorke, Fergus O’Connor, Harry Pitters, BR LASER, MODGEIST, HRTL, Quentin Leonetti, Cherif Hashizume, Extractor Fan, and a collaborative track from Craig Clifford and Eden Grey.


There are so many things to love about the modular synthesizer, the customizability, the sounds it can create, the creativity it allows in all of its facets and the community of people involved with these instruments, musicians, engineers and enthusiasts. CV FREQS events are a celebration of our synthesizers, and the sounds and the music we make with them.


CV Freqs Events


November 28, 2020

VEMOM FEST live stream concert organized by CV FREQS resident Quentin Leonetti from Belgium, more details to be announced.

CV FREQS Online Edition streaming from Miami, in collaboration with the London Music Hackspace, will be hosting a soldering session along with two representatives of the Shakmat crew in Belgium. Eden Grey and Craig Clifford will be demonstrating a live build of the Shakmat Knight's Gallop algorithmic generator. Workshop participants can choose whether they would like to build the Knight's Gallop or another Shakmat kit. 

The workshop will be followed by the free "after-party," co-hosted with Ned Rush! It will be a stream of live sets from 7 PM BST on the CV FREQS YouTube channel, artists who have performed at past CV FREQS events and will be on the first album compilation. 

Performances by:



Dan Wahlbeck


Cherif Hashizume

Quentin Leonetti

Loula Yorke


Craig Clifford & Eden Grey

CV FREQS Online Edition

Shakmat-build Workshop

December 5, 2020

10 AM EST / 3 PM BST



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